Finding the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Rhinoplasty, while it is sometimes dismissed because of its status as often being an elective surgery, is still an important procedure that needs to be undertaken with the same amount of concern, preparation, and caution that goes into preparation for any life-threatening or life-saving surgery. Sometimes just called a “nose job,” this tends to be a dismissive oversimplification of the process, but this procedure is important, and it is surgery performed on the nose and nasal passageways of the individual.

Finding a qualified, certified, and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is critical to getting the results that you’re looking for whether medical, cosmetic or maybe even a little bit of both. This is still a serious surgery and as such not every professional is going to be the same quality. Do your homework to find the right match. The early research can make all the difference.

Medical Rhinoplasty

While most people think of rhinoplasty as a strictly cosmetic surgery, the truth is that there are some very valid medical reasons to look at getting this surgery. Depending on the overall structure of the nose, some people will have especially small or tight airways in their nasal cavities, making it easy for even a mild was stuffed up nose to cut off their airways. Some people even find their nasal passages are so narrow that they sometimes have trouble breathing when sleeping at night.

In this situations rhinoplasty not only changes the overall shape and look of the nose, but it is also a critical step to opening up the airways. In this situation, it’s important to find a surgeon who understands the main point of the surgical procedure and has experience with performing nose jobs with the express purpose of opening up the airways.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is far more common and is what people are referring to when they talk about getting a nose job. The main focus here is to change the overall appearance of a person’s current nose to make it look different in a way that he or she finds more appealing. This could mean shortening it, changing the overall appearance of the nostrils – aiming for the same appearance as a celebrity or other person of note, all of these options are available.

The key is to find a truly experienced cosmetic surgeon who has performed this specific surgery multiple times. That’s the level of experience you want to get the right fit.

Ask for Certification & Experience

Rules for cosmetic surgery vary from state to state, and that’s part of the reason that the dual questions of certification and experience are so important. You want to find someone who has as many certifications and as much experience as possible. This combination will help you find the rhinoplasty surgeon most capable of giving you great results.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot to look at when you’re looking for the perfect cosmetic surgeon to take care of all your rhinoplasty needs. By focusing on experience and credentials over budget, you’re much more likely to be happy with the final results.